HPT Gallery (HCG)

Customer submitted tests of 2 Little Lines pregnancy tests

Positive HPT (HCG) Test

This was an OPK done by a woman who was pregnant at the time – and OPK is NOT a pregnancy test however does often come back positive when a BFP has occurred as the LH hormone is largely present in a pregnant woman. However since the LH hormone is also present in various points in a woman’s cycle only a test looking for the HCG hormone will tell a woman whether she is pregnant or not.

Super squinter – easier to see in person then in a picture this is a very very early HPT test (9DPO) with a squinter of a line! Positive Test Congrats!

Another super squinter – this was done earlier in the day then the picture posted above – a hint of a line and a blank, unused test beneath it for comparison

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